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SIS Vision To ensure all SIS students receive an all-rounded education modeled after the Singapore curriculum so that they will be equipped with the skills to take responsibility for their own learning and make a success of their future career.
SIS Curriculum The SIS curriculum provides our learners with opportunities to examine their own values and attitudes, to understand the global context of their lives locally, and to appreciate the similarities and differences between people everywhere. This in turn gives our learners the knowledge, skills and understanding to play an active role in the global community.
Primary School The SIS Primary curriculum primarily adopts the Singapore system which focuses on the three learning domains; Life Skills, Knowledge Skills and Content based learning which ensures the acquisition of knowledge, values, mastery and competency to enable students to face the challenges of our dynamic world.  
CCA SIS Medan provides a holistic approach in developing the personality of its students. It focuses not only on the children’s academic progress but also on their special talents, interest and skills. In this way, each student would have his own individuality that is unique and productive.

 icon-calendar Term 1

4 Aug :  School Reopens (Term 4)
7 Aug : New Parent Orientation
15 Aug  : Indonesia Independence Day Celebration
12 Aug  : Primary CCA starts
14 Aug : Secondary CCA starts
25 Aug : Prefect Investiture
5 Sept : No Classes (Teacher Training)
23 Sept  : Last Day of Primary CCA
25 Sept : Last Day of Secondary CCA
3 Oct : Parent Teacher Confrence (PTC)
6 Oct - 10 Oct : No classes (Term 1 Holiday)

 icon-calendar Term 2

13 Oct : School Reopens (Term 2)
14 Oct : Teacher’s Day
21 Oct : Primary CCA starts
23 Oct  : Secondary CCA starts
27 Oct  : Preschool Parent Division Meeting
28 Oct  : Primary Parent Division Meeting
30 Oct : Secondary Parent Division Meeting
8 Nov : Family Day 
11 Nov : Primary CCA Culminating
13 Nov  : Secondary CCA Culminating
17 - 18 Nov : Start of SA 1 Orals
19 - 20 Nov : Start of SA 1 Practicals
21 Nov : Start of SA 1 – Secondary
28 Nov : Start of SA 1 – Primary
4 Dec  : STPP
5 Dec : No classes (Marking Day)
11 Dec : Class Party and Holiday Concert
12 Dec : Parent Teacher Confrence (PTC)
15 Dec - 3 Jan : No classes (Term 2 Holiday)